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Posted November 12, 2016 by ajazgames

Age is not at all a factor when taking into account the popularity of escape games, from as young as five year old kids to seniors engage in escape games for entertainment, relaxation and time-pass.

Psychologist and scientific researchers have been saying it from quite some years that when anyone
is stressed out or feeling low, playing online games or video games makes them feel better and they
get back their depleted energy. There is enough evidence to support it and adding escape games to
ones regular measure of life will actually improve the mental health in a surprising way. There are
compelling benefits that escape games provide, like entertainment, edutainment and is a major brain
activity stimulant too.
During the last decade or so, escape game players have become aware of the entertaining qualities
of playing room escape games online. The online games, allows the mind to become active and alert
and helps to solve problematic situations. Most Psychologists are inclined to recommend escape
games for children, rather than the alternative of watching television shows which generally are not
interactive at all.
Scientific studies have shown that people from all walk of life who play escape games for long
hours, are able to adopt their brain skills to handle stress, have fewer feeling low moods and are also
able to handle stressful work easily. It has also been proved that escape games can be used as a sort
of stress therapy for people to work through their frustrations of life.
When one inquires with gamers, why they play these types of game? The common answer is foe
relaxation or eliminating stress. Many of the escape games provide an outlet for children’s when
they are hurt or stressed. Once the game is played, the stress level seems to reduce and there is a
semblance of recovery. Escape games prepare individuals to face difficult situations in real life too.
Even senior citizens can find relief from their lonely existence through escape games, their memory
power improved and they acquire a positive outlook towards life. The games have affirmative
effects and not as much negative as the mass media presents.
Researches have also recommended that people suffering from mental stress and pain, take up
playing escape games, as it acts as a therapy.
Escape games are all about solving puzzles and mysteries, without too much violence or shock
factors. As a result, escape games are a great way to get away from the stress of daily life.
Escape Games have taken a different tone presently and it has become more complex, realistic and
there is more social connectedness. The new version of the game provides gamers with enthralling
social, cognitive, and personal experiences, they have also been said to boost psychological health
and well-being.
Escape games can teach individuals how to handle different kinds of struggles; they might face in
the real world. It teaches children to develop social experiences that can be valuable as they grow
up.Escape games can provide the same sort of brain stimulation in children as well.Children need to
challenge themselves all times and what can be a better way than through the escape room games.
Everyone should play an escape room game once in a while to de-stress and experience active brain
Sharing in an escape room game with friends or in a group would let children develop their brain in
a much enriched manner and make it sharp and agile. With confidence comes the feeling of being
self-dependent and regular escape gaming will help everyone deal with their fears and nervous
issues they face. Escape games will help all mingle and form friendship online and provide
relaxation at an end of a stressful day.

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