Natural Supplements to Shrink Piles Fast at Home

Posted February 27, 2018 by adrongoleman

Pilesgon contains powerful herbal ingredients like Mesua Ferrea, Sapindus Mukorossi, Acacia Catechu etc. for combating hemorrhoids symptoms, support colon health, eliminate digestive problems, relieve itching pain, and shrink piles fast at home.

Piles are the inflammation of a vein in the rectal and anal region. It can cause quite a bit of embarrassment to those who suffer from it. One of the ways to get rid of it is by shrinking it, either through surgery or through medication. Availability of natural supplements to shrink pileshas made it simpler and safer to cure piles, without the fear of any side effects.

Piles can be shrunk through surgeries like

Haemorrhoidectomy - In these process, small cuts are made around the anus to cut detaches the hemorrhoids from the rest of the vein. Local or general anaesthesia needs to be given to the patient and the recovery may take about 10-14 days.

Sclerotherapy- This process involves a chemical injected into the hemmorhoid which will help it to shrink and also, stops it from bleeding.

Coagulation Therapy- Infrared light, heat or extreme cold treatment is used in this process to shrink the hemmorhoid. This procedure is performed together with anoscopy, where a camera is inserted into the rectum which allows the doctor to see the internals.

Procedure for Prolapse and Hemmorhoid (PPH) - PPH is a method by which the hemmorhoid is stapled to separate it from the rest of the vein. This aids in stopping blood supply to the hemmorhoid, which will eventually dry up, shrivel and fall off.

Hemmorhoidal Artery Ligation- Hemmorhoidal Artery Ligation or HAL is also known as Transanal Hemmorhoidal Dearterialization or THD. With the help of ultrasound, the hemmorhoid is located and the blood vessel is closed off or ligated. This leads to shriveling of the hemmorhoid and eventually, falling off.

Banding- This method involves putting a rubber band around the hemmorhoid to cut off blood supply to the inflamed vein. This will lead to shrinkage and falling off.

But, every surgery has its negatives. There are risks of bleeding, reaction to anaesthesia or infection.There might be other complications like accidental bowels or gas leaks, a condition commonly known as fecal incontinence. This condition may arise if the anal sphincter gets damaged during surgery. Hence, natural supplements to shrink piles are recommended to avoid these complications later. These natural remedies for hemmorhoid help to shrink piles fast at home.

There are a number of natural treatments for bleeding piles, such as

? Sitz bath

? Witch hazel

? Apple cider vinegar

? Psyllium husk

? Aloe Vera

? Tea tree oil

? Epsom salt and glycerine

These natural treatments for bleeding piles help in soothing inflammation by reducing itchiness and bleeding. Apart from these sufficient amounts of water should be taken for smooth passage of stool.

One of the most recommended herbal treatment for bleeding piles is Pilesgon capsule. This is herbal remedy for hemmorhoid. It is FDA approved and is composed of natural herbs. There are no side effects because it is free of harmful chemicals. Pilesgon is the perfect example of natural supplements to shrink piles. It helps to shrink piles fast at home.
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