Can Make a Difference in the Life of People with Cerebral Palsy

Posted July 7, 2017 by adaptivetech

Through the use of assistive technology devices Adaptive Tech Solutions seek to help people with Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral palsy can lead to some or many of a wide array of impairments or developmental delays, some minor, others major. For many children with CP, it is found that the ability to communicate effectively is a real challenge. Alternative communication devices from Adaptive Tech Solutions are ideal for children with cognitive impairments, where they struggle with vocabulary and idea processing, or with motor skills that govern the mouth, lips and tongue.

Through the use of assistive technology devices Adaptive Tech Solutions seek to help people with Cerebral Palsy. Switches and switch adapted toys/devices are great gifts as they can help the individuals to independently interact with their environment. Adaptive Tech Solutions offers switches which are buttons, levers, or sensors that can be activated with any part of the body. Switches in varied forms are available at the online store depending on how much pressure is required to activate them.

Handicapped assistive devices for person with very limited motor movements are like blessings. Adaptive Tech Solutions offers Micro Switches for people with limited motor movement and for less controlled motor movements there are large durable switch such as the Big Red Switch.

For individuals with Cerebral Palsy having speech disorders or a significant speech impairment, it is a challenge to be understood by others. Keeping this in view Adaptive Tech Solutions offers communication devices known as talking boxes or talking buttons which allow people with speech impairments to easily communicate with others.

at the resourceful site of Adaptive Tech Solutions you can select from a wide variety of communication devices ranging from single message output devices such as the Talk About!, to more advanced devices with multiple messages/topic pages such as the SuperTalker, and high tech devices specially designed for speech generation.

Adaptive Tech Solutions, a therapist owned company, offers a wide variety of switches and switch adapted toys/devices to promote independence in people with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy.

About Adaptive Tech Solutions:

Https:// is a therapist owned and operated company that is focused on providing assistive technology devices at rates everyone is able to afford. They also offer therapy items for occupational therapist, special educators, speech counselors and parents of kids with disabilities. As an online store built by shopping cart software the portal provides products for adults as well as kids of all ages.

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