Effects of Beauty in the Job Market

Posted September 19, 2019 by abbytaylor

In this article, tha author tried to describe the notion of beauty and its effect on the job market

It is a cumbersome experience when one has to undergo an interview. Much is perfected in the physical appearance rather than the in the required job qualifications. Surprisingly enough, this perspective lies in both the interviewer and interviewee’s minds. This act poses a question as to whether a company should have beautiful employees at the expense of the company’s performance.
First, the level of education that an interviewee has attained should be the primary factor. An employee that has strived through the years of hard work with an aim of attaining a degree must have the first priority. Such employees tend to portray a sense of tolerance and hard work in their duties. Indubitably, that is what a company needs for its growth and success. On the contrary, a lesser qualified employee may not succumb to most challenges that are faced at the place of work. Furthermore, they may not depict the enthusiasm and drive as in a potential employee.
Secondly, a company that hopes to experience the quicker growth must consider the experience of the interviewee. The experience that is earned from a former job and is related to the one in question makes the work experience more convenient. Little time is wasted on orientation and training. Experienced employees are the best to work with since they have the required expertise to handle their duties. They are also well equipped with techniques of dealing with problems arising in the company. For instance, employees moving from Costco Supermarket to Wal-Mat Supermarket tend to adjust easier to the new working environment. This quick adaptation comes out of the exposure that they already have.
An employee with little experience shows poor performance. Such an employee takes much time trying to be compatible with the new job. In the end, the company experiences a slower growth. Therefore, the experience of an interviewee is also more crucial than their looks.
The last factor that should be considered when hiring workers is personality and attitude. Cheerful and jovial workmates create a calm and conducive environment for work. Despite all the hardships that the employees undergo, for example, fatigue and delayed salaries, these have less impact on their work force if there are cheerful members among them.
Temperamental employees tend to worsen the working conditions. They are not willing to merge with others in sharing duties. Research also has it that most employees who are full of looks are only a bunch of attention- seeking people.
In summary, there are weightier issues to check aside from beauty in the job market. These factors include education, experience, attitude, and personality. Beauty disappears with time, while the three crucial factors last for good. However, some companies must consider beauty first then other factors follow, for instance, in the modeling and movie industries.
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